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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Change the way you feel about food, change your life: Free online summit starts soon

People! Have you heard the buzz about the Food Revolution Summit? This is really important, check it out: If you want to know what foods will help protect you from diseases like cancer, and type 2 diabetes, join me!

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From April 27-May 5, bestselling author John Robbins is personally interviewing 24 of the world’s top experts for healthy, sustainable, humane and conscious food. You’ll get the cutting edge information straight from a trustworthy source, which I like.

After all, our food chain is in crisis. It’s time to do something! These are some of the most brilliant and inspiring voices in the world today. And you can get complete access online, from anywhere in the world, for no charge.

food_rev_summit-2013-arrow-gradientCheck out the amazing speakers now.

You probably already know that good nutrition is the foundation of health. But there’s a lot more to it than that, especially these days with companies like Monsanto on the rise – pushing GMOs on us all. Starting April 27, many of the top food experts on the planet are coming together to help you thrive for this important event. In the Food Revolution Summit, you’ll get breakthrough insights to help you:
  • Lose weight the healthy way
  • Have more energy, better sleep, and more libido
  • Radically reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s
  • Cut through the corporate BS and get the real story on GMOs, good and bad fats, vitamins, and more, and
  • Bring your food choices into alignment with the world you want to create.

Find out more and sign up here.

I'll be there. Will you?

xoxo Angie :)

P.S. The Food Revolution Summit starts April 27! It’s the most important week of the whole year in food! When you sign up now, you get access to a Food Revolutionary Action Guide and lots of other great tools, all for no charge. Check it out and sign up here.

P.P.S. Once you get registered, please feel free to invite your friends and loved ones to this timely and important event about the future of our food and our health!  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Free Online Feng Shui Courses Start Apr. 29: Increase Your Productivity and Peace

Diamond Feng Shui Fest
Learn the life-changing secrets of "Feng Shui"in the FREE 6-day Diamond Feng Shui Fest online beginning April 29
Dear Bliss Seekers,
Feng Shui is more than good interior design and having space that "feels" good. When done right it can be one of the most powerful personal development tools ever.
Beginning April 29, Feng Shui master Marie Diamond will tell you exactly how to use Feng Shui in your home to:
  • Attract more rewards for your talents and accomplishments
  • Reduce drama, conflict, and stress in your home and workplace
  • Learn and remember anything easily
  • Have more friends and better relationships
  • Let go of what is keeping you stuck
  • Heal quicker from illness and injuries
Yes, good Feng Shui can result in all of this! And that's just a taste of what you will learn in this free online event.
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How can moving your sofa make you more money?
Chinese emperors had access to sacred knowledge about how surroundings affect energy—for better or for worse.
They knew how to attract positive energy and how to deflect negative energy. For thousands of years they used it for long life, to control their empire, and to build supreme wealth.
They called this knowledge Feng Shui, and to them it was mystical. But today Feng Shui can be explained through a field of science called quantum physics.
By making specific changes in your environment, you make changes in the energy that surrounds you, and this can have a massive impact on your life. Here's what Marie Diamond's students have experienced:
"Promoted to Senior Vice President with a 25% increase in pay."
"Immediately we became lovey-dovey again."
"My net worth doubled in nine months."
"Within a day the first call for an audition came in."
"An unexpected gift of $50,000 came."
"Immediately the pain subsided and has now gone away completely."
"In just ten months my personal income increased by more than 1100%. I did nothing differently but implement Diamond Feng Shui techniques."
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If you've tried everything to change your life,but nothing happens, maybe you're living with bad Feng Shui
Your misfortune—or lack of fortune—may be due to the energy of your environment. Moving into a new home or switching jobs is not the solution. Bad Feng Shui is likely to follow you around until you take action to change it.
During the six days of the Diamond Feng Shui Fest you will be able to check the Feng Shui of your home and workplace and make the changes that give you Feng Shui that can positively change your life forever.
For the first time ever, you can learn Marie Diamond'spowerful Feng Shui techniques FREE in the brand new Diamond Feng Shui Fest
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Feel free to pass this info onto your friends. Let's give everyone a chance to get more from life through good Feng Shui.
For your balance, harmony, and good fortune, Angela Atkinson, Project Blissful

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hubbard Man Reunited with Birth Mother After 25-Year Search

Mother and child union, immediately after birth
Mother and child union, immediately after birth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Fred McBride, 47, of Hubbard, described meeting his birth mother and half siblings over the weekend in Buffalo. He started looking for her when his wife, Chrissy, was pregnant with their oldest child, who is now 25.
McBride has known all his life that he was adopted. He always wondered what his mother was like and if she ever thought about him. As it turned out, she had been looking for him too.

McBride was born in Canada and was adopted in the United States, so he had to have a passport. That passport gave Fred and Chrissy their first piece of the puzzle because his birth name was on the passport: Charles Daryl Black. He was naturalized as a U.S. citizen at the age of 4.

After learning he was born in Canada, Fred and Chrissy went to Toronto 18 years ago to see if they could locate his birth mother. The agency that facilitated the adoption gave them non-identifying information such as how old his mother was and where he was born.

"His mother was 16 and his father was 18. They were high school sweethearts and her mother told her she was not allowed to bring a baby into the house. So, she sent Patricia away until Fred was born. He was in foster care until he was 2 and then he was adopted," Chrissy McBride said.

Through the years, Chrissy got trickles of information on various websites and from several search agencies. One of those agencies sent the couple a directory from 1965 with listings for the Black name, but they hit a dead end with nothing else to go on.

Five or six years ago, Ontario opened their adoption records and the couple obtained Fred's original birth certificate, which had the name "Frederick McBride" in parentheses after his birth name. It also had his mother's name, Patricia Black, and her address.

Read Full Story and View Slideshow: Hubbard Man Reunited with Birth Mother After 25-Year Search

New App Connects Expectant Parents with Would-Be Adoptive Parents

Open Adoption Picnic
Open Adoption Picnic (Photo credit: Tapestry Dude)

Interested in Adoption? New Open Adoption App from Independent Adoption Center Connects Families with Expectant Mothers

Independent Adoption Center released a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices last week called Open Adoption that puts important adoption resources and search features at the fingertips of expectant mothers and families seeking to adopt.

Independent Adoption Center is a trusted leader in domestic open adoption.
The Open Adoption app will help women to understand adoption so they can make the choice that is best for them. 
Independent Adoption Center, the nation’s most trusted domestic open adoption agency, rolled out a new app for iOS and Android mobile devices last week that will connect families and expectant mothers like never before. The free app, called Open Adoption, was released on Google Play and iTunes last week and are now available for download.

The Open Adoption app puts important adoption information and resources at the user’s fingertips. Mothers can search for families interested in adoption and vice versa, as well as connect with pregnancy counselors and receive information about the adoption process – all for free.

“The purpose of the app is to provide a new way for people to get quality information about open adoption and how the process works,” said Ryan Schwab, marketing director of Independent Adoption Center. “We also hope to match more families with expectant mothers using the technology.”

The technology, developed by Bay Area team Reliable Coders, shows just one of the many ways Independent Adoption Center is leading open adoption in the United States. The adoption agency has worked with thousands of mothers and families across the nation since it opened in 1982, when it transcended common boundaries and introduced open adoption.

“We have been a progressive agency since the beginning,” said Schwab. “Among our most important goals is to ensure that women are supported and aware of all their options. The Open Adoption app will help women to understand adoption so they can make the choice that is best for them.”
True to these goals, the forward-thinking app includes features that allow users to:
  •     Search for pre-approved families ready to adopt, based on preferences such as religious, family-type, ethnic and racial background.
  •     Connect with families located nearby using GPS settings.
  •     Find information about the adoption process, how open adoption works and how Independent Adoption Center can help.
  •     Get free access to trusted, professional pregnancy counselors for more information and answers to any questions.
Independent Adoption Center screens and approves all families that are featured on the Open Adoption app.

For more information about the app or the IAC adoption agency, call (855) 210-6205 or visit More information is also available on the iTunes store ( and Google Play (

About Independent Adoption Center

Independent Adoption Center (IAC) is an open adoption agency that provides open adoption placement and counseling to birth and adoptive families to ensure that every child grows up feeling loved and supported. Since opening in 1982, the IAC has successfully placed over 4,000 newborns with families in the United States. IAC is the largest open adoption agency in the country, facilitating adoptions in 49 states, and fully licensed in California, Indiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas and New York.