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Hubbard Man Reunited with Birth Mother After 25-Year Search

Mother and child union, immediately after birth
Mother and child union, immediately after birth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Fred McBride, 47, of Hubbard, described meeting his birth mother and half siblings over the weekend in Buffalo. He started looking for her when his wife, Chrissy, was pregnant with their oldest child, who is now 25.
McBride has known all his life that he was adopted. He always wondered what his mother was like and if she ever thought about him. As it turned out, she had been looking for him too.

McBride was born in Canada and was adopted in the United States, so he had to have a passport. That passport gave Fred and Chrissy their first piece of the puzzle because his birth name was on the passport: Charles Daryl Black. He was naturalized as a U.S. citizen at the age of 4.

After learning he was born in Canada, Fred and Chrissy went to Toronto 18 years ago to see if they could locate his birth mother. The agency that facilitated the adoption gave them non-identifying information such as how old his mother was and where he was born.

"His mother was 16 and his father was 18. They were high school sweethearts and her mother told her she was not allowed to bring a baby into the house. So, she sent Patricia away until Fred was born. He was in foster care until he was 2 and then he was adopted," Chrissy McBride said.

Through the years, Chrissy got trickles of information on various websites and from several search agencies. One of those agencies sent the couple a directory from 1965 with listings for the Black name, but they hit a dead end with nothing else to go on.

Five or six years ago, Ontario opened their adoption records and the couple obtained Fred's original birth certificate, which had the name "Frederick McBride" in parentheses after his birth name. It also had his mother's name, Patricia Black, and her address.

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