Monday, February 25, 2013

Compelling story, similar to ours. I found this over at Experience Project. Though it was posted four years ago, my hope is that I can help the author connect with the birth family if he or she hasn't already.

"I was adopted at birth by a very loving couple w/ 3 daughters of their own which i call my sisters. They have loved me & pretty much treated me as one of their own biological son & brother to which i am forever grateful. At a very young age right of the bat, they told me that i was adopted by them...the story was that my birth mother was a housemaid who got impregnated by her own boss, which is my biological father. I was curious when i was at my teen years to find my birth mother to ask her as to why she abandoned me. Apparently the the surgeon who delivered me, who happens to be also my godfather & gave me to my adoptive parents told me..."

(Read full story at Experience Project.)

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